HIGHLEAF GLOBAL CO., LTD. (HLG) is a manufacturer, distributor and importer of health and wellness products also comprehensive beauty. Finished Goods or finished goods such as food products, food supplements, beverages, cosmetics and various types of cosmeceuticals-skin care products. Focuses on a blending cannabis extracts derived rom hemp/cannabis including natural raw materials as ingredients of the product to cover all the needed of the healthy new generation. Therefore, we selected quality raw materials and products of excellent quality as well as has been working with many recognized research agencies both domestically and internationally.

HIGHLEAF GLOBAL CO., LTD. also has a factory producing natural extracts, to be used as a key raw material in various products with quality and efficiency. Which has a scientific laboratory, support research and development of various product formulas in accordance with the concept of the new generation. Creativity and answering every need to produce products using innovative research, new extracts from all over the world.

HIGHLEAF GLOBAL CO., LTD. is committed to the production process according to international standards by continuously supervising, controlling, inspecting and evaluating, which can be assured of the quality of the products received and can be exported all over the world.There are partners in all aspects of international standards, both domestically and internationally, both raw materials, research, production and marketing, etc. To accommodate all changes, innovations and customer needs There is a team and specialist researchers, doctors, pharmacists, specialized in the field with more than 20 years of experience, able to develop new products Respond to customer needs quickly and with quality.


HIGHLEAF GLOBAL CO., LTD. aims and focuses on being a leader in the hemp and cannabis market. by doing sustainable supply chain of together business alliance network. This covers from the development of the species, cultivation, extraction of CBD. To use the extract in many productions as well as expanding the business of various consumer products. Whether in health or environmental conditions that are popular and matched with consumer demand of current and future customers.


HIGHLEAF GLOBAL CO., LTD. is determined to succeed a natural product blending expert. various styles. Readiness to drive new technologies and innovations in various industries including food, beverages, beauty, cosmetics and the environment. Including creating a brand to become known as No.1 both in the country and abroad. By distributing products to Asian countries which gained credibility and trust from the current and new customer base as we have done and have been successful. And offers impressive and high quality products for our customers with our highest quality products.