Stunning Black ( Black Rose Extract )

by in Blog, ทั้งหมด December 16, 2021

Black Rose Extract Serum The Rose Queen from Turkey Which is between Europe and Asia is considered a rare rose species. Originated only in Turkey in the area above the Euphrates River and up only around the village of Helfeti Which is an area with fertile soil and special weather conditions only. Black roses are varieties of roses with higher anthocyanin content than other colored roses. Anthocyanin is a substance that protects rose petals from sun damage. Do not cause damage to internal cells. Because the black rose contains a higher amount of Anthocyanin than other rose colors, it protects the skin from pollution and radiation very well, combined with the super whitening complex in the formula, making the skin clearer quickly and safely, restoring dull skin, blemishes. Freckles, dark spots in 7 days and replenish moisture with HYALURONIC, 3 sizes of molecules that add water and restore skin cells well.